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  • July 2019

    Here is another in our series of less well-known spots in the wonderful world of travel.. 2700m up in Argentina's north-west province of Salta lies this spectacular village of Iruya go here for photo

  • May/June 2019

    This destination is only for the true travel warriors among you … one of the most remote – but inhabited – islands in the world Go here

  • March/April 2019

    Stunning images from around the world are so often the inspiration for the greatest travel journeys - and this one from our friend Larry Kahn of the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys, is no exception Go here

  • January/February 2019

    Can I suggest travel fans might like to turn themselves over a new page - quite literally – in this New Year? A corner of our carry-ons will always be reserved for works from the likes of Hemingway, Karouac, Dalrymple and the brilliantly quirky Bill Bryson, of course – Go here

  • November 2018

    Here's a good question seldom asked - apart from the mountains, what is the most spectacular view in the Himalayas? Go here

  • September 2018

    Need a pic to remind you of some awesome sight this summer when the hiking boots are put away? How about this one from the Alay mountains in southern Kyrgystan, courtesy of our favourite travelling duo Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll. Now that’s a selfie sure worth savouring! go here

  • July/August 2018

    Feel like your travels have left your head in the clouds this summer? Well here’s a view that will make you dizzy for more go here

  • May 2018

    You and who's army? Travel warrior Peter Semone - a long-time friend and correspondent of our blog - shared this super pic after he caught up with China's amazing Terracotta Army - or maybe they caught up with him!

  • April 2018

    In the West they say that dogs or horses are Man's best friend. In the East it's elephants. Take a look at this amazing video from Balika Bhandari of Nepal, a life-long friend of this travel column go here

  • March 2018

    Back-packers with one eye already on plans to set-off on the traditional gap year this summer might like to mull over this list of the Top 10 budget destinations go here

  • January 2018

    Hatsuihi Japan Can this beautiful New Year photo of peace and tranquillity at Hatsuihi Japan prove a portent for 2018?    © BBC

  • October/November 2017

    Snap decision: sad news from India as middle-aged British gapper dies from fall after photo op - go here

  • September 2017

    Eye of the storm. Larry Kahn, Editor on the Florida Keys newspaper and a long-time friend of this column, sent this report while Force 5 Hurricane Irma – one of the worst in US history – approached - Click here

  • August 2017

    A young couple from South Africa who decided to go travelling had a fantastic time for nearly eight months backpacking through Asia but then decided to come home. They were emotionally exhausted they said. Here's why – Click here

  • July 2017

    Talk about taking coals to Newcastle ....made in India and assembled in South Africa, these auto rickshaws auto rickshaws or tuk-tuks to you and me – are now as big a blessing to the self-employed of Durban as they have been for decades in Delhi

  • May/June 2017

    Thinking of India – travel writer Eric Newby includes this atmospheric pic of the Ganges at Sunrise near Veranasi in his book Slowly Down the Ganges. ‘On the bathing ghats that rise in steep steps from the river's edge, dewy-eyed gap-year travellers mingle with naked sadhus, their bodies caked in grey ash, and hordes of Hindu faithful all wait for ceremonies to begin’ he writes

  • May 2017

    Here comes summer – even in Wales! Thanks to travel fan Jeremy Cooper for this fabulous pic from a cave on Newport beach North Pembrokeshire with Dinas Head on the horizon

  • March/April 2017

    Followers of this blog will know so well the travel achievements of amazing Dan and Audrey ( originally from San Fran who are only now showing signs of slowing down after 90 countries and 10 years on the hoof. But now comes news our go-anywhere duo have some hot competition. Jen and Rudi Raath set out from South Africa following their wedding in December and after selling all they own and renting out the house they don't plan to go back! So far they’ve been through 14 countries in under five months and barely raised sweat. Catch their travels here

  • January 2017

    China's first freight-train service to London arrived this week after an 18-ay journey. It added a further transport link after air, sea and road but unlike this website, no one seems to have raised the increased risk of drugs and people smuggling

  • December 2016

    Here's our Pic of the Year: Sunset on the River Chobe, Botswana from the lens of our travel warrior friends Dan Noll and Audrey Scott – Click here

  • November 2016

    Winter may be coming on in the UK but it’s springtime for the startlingly beautiful tulip fields at Table Cape in North-west Tasmania – Click here

  • September 2016

    The Sydney Harbour bridge is an iconic sight for travellers everywhere – but we bet you have never seen it like this. – Go here

  • July 2016

    When the world seems at odds with itself and life gets too much, there's no better antidote than fond memories of distant horizons. See this photo by US couple Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, currently living the dream on one of the great travel odysseys of our time, and see what we mean.

  • May 2016

    One year on from the horrendous earthquakes in Nepal and four million people are still living in temporary homes because of greed, graft, politics and inefficiency – Go here

  • March 2016

    More proof that China is fast-tracking its exports to the rest of the world – Go here

  • January 2016

    It's a new year, but let's not forget that our friends in Nepal are a long way from recovering from the distasterous earthquakes last year. Go here for one of the recommended fundraising efforts.

  • December 2015

    China's economy may be slowing down, but there's no sign of any let-up in its plans for travel and transport. Go here

  • September 2015

    So now we know… Lonely Planet, that mouthpiece of the world's travel adventurers, has just published its Top 10 ‘best tourist attractions’, can you guess what they are? How many have you visited? Go here

  • July 2015

    Will travel buffs soon be hailing a successor to the bone-shaking tuk-tuks of Asia and boda bodas taxis of Africa? Go here

  • April/May/June 2015

    There are cracks in the roof of the world. A huge earthquake and powerful aftershocks have devastated the Himalayas in an area of Nepal well-known to climbers and travellers. Click here for the continuing story and how to donate.

  • March 2015

    Pardon the expression: ‘We told you so’ and pardon the plug for a book featured on this site, but as world opinion focuses on the porous border between Turkey and Syria where the so-called Islamic State is waging war, we have to say the warnings were all there eight years ago. Click here

  • January 2015

    Here is something to think about for your New Year's resolution. Click here

  • November 2014

    Lest we forget – WWI graves at Amiens, France – pic Tony Honess Click here

  • October 2014

    Here's an epic for all true road warriors – catch this amazing tale of a odd couple's 20 (yes, that's TWENTY) year travel adventure round six continents. Go here

  • September 2014

    Richard is to Chair plans for a major Civil War re-enactment event at his home town in 2016

  • July 2014

    Summer's here and it's time to go travelling – but what's best: going alone or with a partner? And keeping the experience all to yourself or telling the world about it? America Today magazine is running a blogging contest to see which travelling couples get your vote. Go here for some fascinating stories – and hurry: the contest closes August 6. Go here

  • May 2014

    Road travellers everywhere are shedding tears after the death rattle is announced of the Morris Oxford/Hindustan Ambassador cars in India. Go here

  • March 2014

    Want to know why the North Yungas road in Bolivia is widely considered the world’s most dangerous? Go here for details of the 22 most deadly drive ways (including one in Scotland) around the globe.

  • January 2014

    Here's our New Year resolution for all travel fans in 2014: Take better care of your bodies! Harrowing tales reach us that all too often great journeys are spoilt by the effects of bites and bugs – so don't be squeamish, listen to these tips on Poo, Pills and Parasites from Don and Audrey our road warrior pals. Go here

  • November 2013

    Few of today's huge number of travel-blogs are worth a second glance, but this one by LA photo journalist Jen Pollack Bianco frequently delivers something special. As she heads towards visiting 100 nations, check out this travel addict's take on the sights, sounds and smells of Marrakech in Morocco. Go here

  • October 2013

    Everyday travel between Asia to Europe took another leap forward this month when an eight-mile rail tunnel opened below the Bosporus at Istanbul, adding to road, air and sea links that already exist.

  • September 2013

    Travel buffs and road warriors familiar with this site know how we like to feature some of the less familiar routes in the world. Go here for a tunnel ride in China like no other

  • July 2013

    Richard visits orphanage in Nepal for anniversary celebrations. Go here

  • June 2013

    As worldwide debate rages over the effects of global warming, readers to this site can read an eye-witness report as many hundreds die in the devastation of early monsoon rains in northern India. Go here

  • May 2013

    Richard begins extended trip to Australia and India; also plans visit to Bharatpur orphanage, Nepal for 10th birthday party and tracking tigers in nearby Chitawan

  • April 2013

    As a much-delayed Spring arrives in the northern hemisphere, take a look at these sensational photos – with thanks to PQ in Germany – and admire again the most wondrous beauty of nature. Go here

  • March 2013

    We have said before that driving in India is akin to playing Russian roulette - but now we hear there is a road accident there literally every minute. Go here for the latest horror story and how you can help

  • December 2012

    While travellers the world over are being bombarded by images of Santa and snowmen from Lapland to Lithuania, here's our favourite pic from Seoul in South Korea that says it's that time of year again. Enjoy! Go here

  • October 2012

    Want to know the worst place in the world to set out on a driving adventure? Well, don't try Sao Paulo in Brazil. Stuck in one of their 100-mile tailbacks on a Friday night would have Jack Kerouac screaming in his grave. Go here

  • August 2012

    London became the most cosmopolitan city in the world for the Olympics in August. Here's a pic that captures the lot – Big Ben, runners in the marathon and crowds from everywhere – with many thanks to happy snapper Tony Honess.

  • June 2012

    We get travel questions from all over the world on this site. Recently, an AIDS campaigner from Portugal wanted to know about the rules for foreigners driving in China – even for charity fund-raisers. Here is the edited correspondence

  • May 2012

    After recent scandals in China and constant flip-flopping by decision-makers in India, is trade with Asia really worth the hassle?

    Richard starts off his 2012 speaking tour next month with a thought-provoking lecture date in Coventry. Go here if you want to book him for an event near you.

  • January 2012

    Here's a great set of pix to get the new year under way for all travel fans. Called 'Amazing Paths' go here for some of the most spectacular highways and walkways you have ever seen. We don't know who to credit with capturing such a spectacular set of images, but we do want to thank Paquita for sending them to us. Visit her site here

  • December 2011

    More details of the India trip announced go here [Powerpoint]

  • November 2011

    Richard is off on another adventure in the New Year. With a former Indian Air Force pilot, he plans to lead an Indo-British team on an expedition across India raising international attention to the plight of the tiger. Estimates say only 3200 are left in the world with the majority in India. For more info go here

  • September 2011

    Never let it be said that we shy away from any aspect of travel - even the less savoury ones. This piece, entitled Poo, Pills and Parasites, comes from a friend who calls himself The Unorthodoc and gives some not-so-obvious health tips for global travellers Go here

  • July 2011

    How appropriate! This year's prestigious international conference in driver behaviour is to be held in Paris, home of the Rue Peripherique, one of the busiest and most dangerous roads in Europe, it has been announced. Go to

  • May 2011

    Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are two American kids, turned mid-career professionals, turned travel junkies. More than four years and 65 countries ago, they began travelling the world and they're still going...and still married. Richard was fortunate to meet them in Turkmenistan. Their travelog is up there with the very best for anyone bitten by the wanderlust bug. Read more...

  • April 2011

    Strapped for cash, Richard decides to put his unique collection of automobilia from the record-setting first crossing of the new Asian Highway up for sale. Go here for catalogue and a Press Release.

  • January 2011

    Early birds. Among this New Year's first road trippers are Yang Jia and Anand Vassappanavara who set off from Kuala Lumpur to Delhi in a two-year-old Toyota Vios simply, they said, to highlight the improving cultural ties across six countries along Asia's 'friendship highway'. Wish you were there? Then catch the amazing photoblog of Adam Lai - Go Here

  • September 2010

    High-speed trains are in the news. After frenetic efforts to join up 'missing' sections of the Asian Highway network between East and West, now China is pumping $billions into improving its rail connections with the 'Stans of central Asia and then through Iran towards the Med. It predicts a two-day journey for the 5000-miles between Beijing and London within the next decade.

  • September 2010

    All forms of travel get featured on this site - cars, boats, bikes, and now planes. We love this YouTube vid on the pitfalls of flying with one of those cut-price, no-frills (or should that be no thrills?) airlines. See if you agree go here

  • June 2010

    Saddle sore: Brighton UK enjoyed its fifth annual World Naked Bike Ride in June in protest against oil dependency and in celebration of cycling and the human body. A friend who attended reckoned there were about 1000 entrants 'tho his inspection to assess male or female numbers was inconclusive. Go here for a pic

  • May 2010

    Every eight minutes one person dies in a road accident in India, and 10 are injured. For those of us who have driven there, the figures are not surprising - but truly alarming nonetheless. India overtook China as top of the world in road fatalities in 2006 and continues to pull ahead. But what's being done about it? Go here

  • April 2010

    This year's Newport Muster, an annual walking event in Richard's home town that raises thousands of £'s for charity, is to be held on Saturday, September 11, it is announced. Go here for more info -

  • December 2009

    Richard is asked to advise a team planning to traverse the Pan-American highway by electric car!

    The 11-man team of (mostly) engineering students from Imperial College, London, want to tackle the often-treacherous route from Pategonia to Alaska in a modified 'Radical' car from Peterborough next May. Go here:

  • October 2009

    US President Barack Obama has banned text messaging among the Federal Government's near three million civilian employees while driving on official business or while using Government-supplied equipment.

    His edict comes after recent deadly crashes involving drivers distracted by text messaging in the UK. It's a growing danger on our roads, according to Dr Will Murray, research director of Interactive Driving Systems MORE

  • May 2009

    Shake the tree hard enough and even the most obstinate apples will start to fall...

    As the anniversary of Richard and Phil's historic drive across the new Asian Highway draws near, news has arrived that China's government is finally putting in some effort to reduce its horrendous toll of road deaths... MORE

  • January 2009

    Personal appearance diary of signing and speaking events for the coming year have been posted. MORE

  • February 2009

    Planning begins for the 'Newport Muster' a major charity event to be held in September. MORE

  • November 2008

    Move over Schumi: Feedback from reviewers of my new book 'DRIVEN TOGETHER' has ranged from almost praiseworthy (highly unusual from journalists!) to downright jealousy. The book raises serious issues about international travel and poor driving standards - especially in Asia - as well as the glamour of powering halfway across the world in an Aston Martin. But one question seems on all of their lips: Did it make you feel like James Bond? Here is my answer... MORE

  • October 2008

    Citizen Newspapers begin 4-part series by Richard on secret wartime work by Bond author Ian Fleming with Bletchley Park code-breakers. Click Here for a personal view of Part One.

  • October 2008

    Publishers announce full-length book of the Asian Highway journey will be available by end November. Here is what they are saying:
    "This far-reaching and thought-provoking book weaves in their first-hand account of an historic journey with a glimpse into the future that is of profound importance to us all."
    "How appropriate they should drive it in an Aston, it is almost the stuff of James Bond himself with back-handers in cash and women in foreign hotel bedrooms."
    The event has so far raised more than �80,000 for UNICEF to help save young lives on the roads of China. MORE

  • July 2008

    Asian Drive operational team nominated in Prince Michael's international road safety awards for 'improving public education'. Results scheduled December.

  • April 2008

    "Make Roads Safe" campaign hails victory as UN General Assembly agrees to call first-ever global conference on Road Safety. Agenda will demand action plan and finance from international community. To be held in Russia next year.

  • March 2008

    Charity proceeds of 83,000 euros from the Asian Highway trip were presented to UNICEF at twin ceremonies in the UK and China. The money will help educate parents, community leaders and school children on road safety issues in Beijing and three eastern provinces. MORE

  • December 2007

    The record-breaking Aston Martin was sold at auction at Bonhams for �34,000 - with all proceeds going towards efforts by the China office of UNICEF in saving young lives on the roads.

  • June 2007

    Aston Martin - Driving Home Road Safety 2007 Richard and travel specialist Phil are to set off on the 25th June from Tokyo driving to London in a journey to promote the UN-backed Road Safety Is No Accident and the Make Roads Safe campaigns across the new Asian Highway. The achievement was marked with a civic award presentation in September. MORE

  • January 2007

    There was a song on one of those 'golden oldie' shows the other day that went something like this: "Keep your eyes on your driving, keep your hands on the wheel, and keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead". Now OK, I'm no Jack Kerouac, but when I go travelling I certainly do a lot of it by road. Car, bus, truck, tuk-tuk; you name it. So I care a lot about what happens on the highway. And right now I don't much like what I see (or, rather, what I don't see). MORE

  • December 2006

    It could only happen in Denmark ... or could it? The Road Safety Council in Copenhagen has come up with a brilliant way of making motorists think hard about keeping their speed down (Mmm, well at least the male half of the population).
    They've launched a spoof news bulletin showing how topless models jiggling their bits can get men to drive more slowly. You betcha! Go here to catch some nifty pix of a couple of great danes on the move: Click here.
    Enjoy the ride!

  • December 2006

    Street-life danger in Bangkok. As all travellers know, the Thai capital of Bangkok is famous for its ..colourful street-life. But there's another kind of traffic in town these days that isn't so appealing... MORE

  • November 2006

    So you think your roads are bad? Well try India's. After a short trip to the land of maharajas, Goa, call-centre mania and a squillion look-alike Mohatma Gandhis, I am this week safely back in the UK, but still trembling. Here's why: MORE

  • May/June 2006

    Kim Woo-choong, founder of the Daewoo Group of companies in South Korea is taken from court to hospital with heart and severe medical problems. He has just been sentenced to 10 years in jail and fined $22.6m for fraud and illegal financing (later reduced on appeal). MORE

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