May 2014

Road warriors above a certain age have heard with sadness that the Morris Ambassador aka the 'Amby' is to cease production in India after more than 50 years.

It wasn't built for India's roads (is anything?) or for its performance (0 to 60 is calculated in minutes rather than seconds), but many will mourn the passing of this iconic glimpse of empire that was taken on by Hindustan Motors when production of the old Morris Oxford ceased at Cowley in the UK in the 1950s.

They made a good fist of it too. The Amby became essential transport in India for everyone from top politicians and diplomats to families taking trips up country with eight on board plus shedloads of luggage and the inevitable kitchen sink.

But alas, all good things have to end, and with its looks increasingly outdated and demand continuing to fall, Hindustan have finally decided to pull the plug. It's a shame for the charity community too. Ironically, with their old-style charm and irresistable looks, these Ambies have been a great attraction for fund-raising events of the 'overland to India' (if we are lucky) variety.