March/April 2019:
Easter Island, Chile

Why it's worth it. Although it's widely known and treasured, Easter Island, Chile, is incredibly remote. It is, for example, 8,438km from Toronto, 13,628km from London and 9,154km from Sydney. The biggest tourist attractions here are the giant moai monoliths and, despite the island's extreme geographic isolation, they've been calling to travellers for centuries. But the iconic statues on this UNESCO-protected island are only the beginning. Here, you can camp under the Polynesian stars, meet and interact with the inhabitants of the world's remotest populated island, and explore its natural treasures on foot and by bike.

Don't miss. Easter Island’s caves—the flow of the lava towards the sea formed channels that, when cooled, turned into caves. They were used by the Rapa Nui as shelter and places to perform rituals.

Getting there. Get yourself to Santiago, where you'll be limited to flights from Chile's national airline. From Chile’s capital, you're looking at another six hours in the air! Prefer living the adventure to planning it?

Words: G Adventures, London

Pic: Daniel Sendecki Feb 2017