Historic first crossing of Asia's new Highway to the West

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"Hi, I'm in the early stages for planning an overland drive from the UK to Thailand and back using the Asian highway. I understand about the Carnet de passage, but i can't find any infomation on vehicle insurance for the Asian countries, obviously this is a requirement for entery into each country. Can you help."

James George

Despite what the UN and other authorities may say, we found the so-called international carnet (eg RAC's version etc) a complete waste of time outside of Europe. Other than in Japan and South Korea, and right across Asia, there was either no car insurance system in place, or it was necessary to pay for insurance at border crossings (often by cash in hand/pocket) to officials who had to be cajoled into providing any paperwork or receipts


"I have just read your book "Driven Together" and was interested in your comments regarding the generally appalling standards of driving in Asia. I was told by a friend who lived in Sri Lanka for many years, that the driving standards there were appalling, partly because of the widely held Buddhist beliefs, ie if fate decrees that your time is up then it is up, if it is not your turn/time , then you can drive however recklessly you like and you will fine. However the number of people that come to grief down the Galle Road beggars belief.

In a bid to reduce pachyderm involvement, the government have now required elephants to display bicycle rear lights to provide warning."

Pete Tomlinson

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